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28 July 2008

Heavy lift rolling AIR ROLLERS provide an unique capability of transporting very large vessels or structures over ground where terrain would otherwise prevent such an operation. Inventory of AIR ROLLERS ranges in capacities from 70 tons to 300 tons per bag. They also has a selection of bags with diameters up to 6 feet in diameter and up to 62 feet in length to cover virtually all applications. The current over ground transportation capacity is 6,000 tons. The deflated AIR ROLLERS are very flat and can be placed under a grounded or stranded vessel which is hard aground. In a shipyard transportation or launching application as little as 12 inches will provide very quick placement of the AIR ROLLERS under a hull.

The AIR ROLLERS operate with very low pressure, which is controlled by a custom designed air manifold which can operate all AIR ROLLERS simultaneously or individually.

  • 19 Meters x 1.8 Meters = 300 Ton capacity
  • 9 Meters x 1.8 Meters = 150 Ton Capacity
  • 8 Meters x 1 Meter = 60 Ton Capacity

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